The Golden Domino

Health + Mental Hygiene Mastermind Accountability Network For Purpose-Driven Artists In Los Angeles

The Golden Domino™


We Help YOU:

Give Up The 'Lone Wolf' Mentality...
Find Your Creative Genius...
Cultivate Your Well-Being...
And Go From Starving To THRIVING...

Through Community

...Because More Than Likely,
You're Not From Here...

And when you first got here, you were probably on your own, struggling to find your way and build a life without a support network of family and friends to rely on for help...

And as you've spent time in this chaotic city, you've likely come to realize how challenging it can be to THRIVE and be happy here...

  • Cost of living is extremely high
  • Traffic sucks during most hours of the day
  • People can be flakey, shady, and mentally unstable


Have YOU Built
A Strong Network Of Friends?

This is by far the trickiest—but most important—part about living here...

More than likely, your friends are scattered around the city and you have to invest a lot of time, energy, and money in order to see them... or they aren't available because they've already built a close-knit group around their neighborhood or place of work...

And maybe some aren't even people you'd call "real friends" back home.

To Live In A Big City
Without People To Rely On
Is Lonely And Scary

And yet in order to THRIVE and be happy here, you need an ever-expanding network of friends, because if you don't, there's so much change perpetually sweeping through the city that the loss of a single relationship could devastate your entire foundation of social and emotional well-being.

You want a robust community of dependable friends who are accessible in as many neighborhoods as possible, so if you're ever in a pinch, or a friend—or even you—decides to move, you can quickly re-stabilize your sense of safety and security with other nodes in your network.

Yes, this way of thinking is a departure from the reclusive tendencies of artists who are prone to isolating in their studios and losing track of time as they get lost in their work.

But what other choice do you have?

Now if you've been living here for 5-10 years (or more), you probably fall into 1 of 3 categories:

  1. Thriving: You have a serious career that brings you meaning, purpose, and connection with people and ideas that inspire you to stay focused and consistent
  2. Comfortable: You have a job that is supporting you financially and offers the potential for advancement, but something feels like it's missing
  3. Miserable: You're stuck in a job you hate

Since most people are in category #3, you're likely indulging in coping strategies that compound your issues and make it even harder to find a way out of your current circumstances (or depression).

And over the years of living here, forming your identity and lifestyle patterns as an assimilated transplant, you may have found that one or more MAJOR areas of your life has gradually fallen out of balance—whether it be the number of hours you work, the quality of your health, the cleanliness of your home, the depth of connection in your relationships, the amount of energy you invest in social media/TV/video games, or the money you do (or don't) have tucked away in savings.

And even if you're a functioning adult in Los Angeles, your creativity—othe one thing you initially came here to express—has probably taken a backseat to maintaining the stable life you fought so hard to establish.

But let's be real...

What Excuses Are You Making
That KEEP You Living This Way?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • "I'm just trying to get through life."
  • "Drugs and alcohol help me access inspiration."
  • "There's only so much time available for me to relax when I'm not working, and watching Netflix helps me decompress."

But really, all of these seemingly "small" and "harmless" choices are building over the course of a week, a month, or a year... and become your habits... which become a lifestyle... that holds you stuck.

And to really start cranking as a professional artist, you need to break that cycle in a supportive environment that will help you make the transition from starving (for success... change... health... happiness... fulfillment... meaning... purpose... creativity... connection...  inspiration... friendship... etc.) to THRIVING.

“Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results.”

- Albert Einstein

Now if you're still reading this and you know you need to change something, let's be real again...

If you're a legitimate artist aspiring to make a career out of your passion, what you've been doing isn't entirely serving you; otherwise, you'd already be there or at least on a clear path towards it...

And NOT feeling inspired each day and energized to work on your passion is not healthy and won't lead to the life you're looking for in LA.

You can't afford to stagnate in your own little bubble anymore...

You need a new solution and there IS a better way...

What if instead of numbing out your stress and pain and settling for a mediocre existence (and possibly justifying why you no longer have time to practice your craft because of the numerous other—mostly less important—distractions that eat up your time)...

You Reimagined What's Possible And Channeled This Energy Into Your Art?

...It's WHY you came to LA in the first place, remember?

What if you could transition out of misery and the feeling of being STUCK—either in your job, your health, your living situation, your relationships, your use of technology, or your finances—and reenergize yourself to start making changes that set you up to become a completely different person?

And what if you could rearrange your life so you that you're making GOOD money doing what you love as an artist?

This is absolutely possible. This CAN be your future. You CAN live a life that excites you.

Extraordinary Results ARE Within Reach

Just remember:

There are plenty of other people in the world who've taken on this same challenge and succeeded...


But to make this shift, you must move AWAY from consumption TOWARDS creativity and invite new, inspiring people into your bubble who will challenge you to grow OUT OF the "lone wolf" mentality and taking on the world by yourself...

What If You Could Offload The Pressure By Enlisting The Help Of Collaborative Partners Who Could Step In And Support You?

By crowdsourcing your vision and leveraging a strong network of collaborative partners with diversified talents, you rapidly accelerate the problem-solving process—allowing you to experience MASSIVE breakthroughs in your psychology around health, wellness, relationships, money, business, negotiations, creativity, and more.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

- Jim Rohn

The most successful people not only have a strong network who support them, but they also have healthy habits; therefore, if you want to be successful, you want to surround yourself with people who are healthy:

People who prioritize sleep... exercise... diet... physical and Mental Hygiene... over partying, video games, and junk food...

So what if there was a digital network specifically designed to help you cultivate successful habits as an LA-based artist, who may have few—if any—local friends or family to rely on?

That’s where we come in...

We Are An Invite-Only
Health + Mental Hygiene
Mastermind Accountability Network
For Purpose-Driven Artists In LA

(It's like Bumble for Weirdos...
or AA for Artists! ...without the AA.)

#friendsnfamily, check!!!

What Is
Mental Hygiene?

Everyone knows to keep their body clean, but no one thinks to keep their mind clean. Your environment shapes your thoughts, and every thought you have and every habit you reinforce influences your Mental Hygiene.

Within The Golden Domino Network, we help you build and maintain life-affirming practices that enhance your psychology—enabling you to bolster your social and emotional well-being, and THRIVE in new ways.

From diet, to exercise, and meditation... yoga, journaling, and more... we expose you to strategies and tools for priming your mind to access your creative genius.

#flossymind, check!!!

What Is
The Golden Domino™?

A Mental Hygiene Movement inspired to prevent 'negative emotional bacteria' from spreading and to reduce unnecessary suffering around the world.

It is made up of 3 universal 'Golden Root' principles:

  1. The Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated
  2. The Domino Effect: one cause creates a chain reaction of events
  3. Silence is Golden: pause and reflect before you react and respond

Why Join Us?

Now more than ever, the average person is desperate for human connection and has a primal need for healthy, positive stimulation...

And for the artist who craves experimentation and collaboration to realize their potential, we provide a digital playground for this, and more...

We Help Artists:
Give Up The 'Lone Wolf' Mentality...
Find Their Creative Genius...
Cultivate Their Well-Being...
And Go From Starving To THRIVING...

Through Community

We bring together purpose-driven artists living in LA, to inspire and hold each other accountable to Health + Mental Hygiene habits, so we can become thriving artists who transcend loneliness, experience more fun, generate predictable inspiration, reconnect with our creative genius, and produce sublime art that people will pay handsomely for.

The Vision For The Golden Domino™ Network:

A New-Age 'Renaissance Guild' For The Ambitious, Purpose-Driven Artist

While the guilds in Italy governed trade, competition, and standards of quality... The Golden Domino Network takes a different approach and strives to offer a set of standards around the artist's health and mental state.

With the pervasive use of prescription drugs, alcohol, and recreational marijuana—not to mention the accessibility of cheap food, social media, video games, Netflix, porn, and other addictive stimulants—it's more important than ever that the disciplined artist who maintains a stern commitment to personal excellence and the goal of making a transcendent, positive impact on society can find solidarity amongst like-minded individuals in a healthy, stable, and conscious community....

A Community That Reinforces Practical Optimism And Readily Doles Out Loving Encouragement For Its Members To Keep Persisting And Refining Themselves In Service To Others

And as the artist prioritizes these foundations within an accountability network, we believe the rest of their lives—careers, relationships, finances—fall into place naturally, because...

  • They're in the right headspace to make good decisions because they can think clearly with social and emotional intelligence
  • They have the energy levels to stay consistent over the long-term, which makes them appear more dependable to their fans and patrons
  • They have the positive attitude necessary to attract other ambitious people who will resonate with the confidence they display in challenging situations
  • They have trusted peers who will temper their imagination and help them stay focused on practical steps towards achieving their goals

With so many inspiring and fully present creatives all sharing resources and strategies for staying in the flow, The Golden Domino Network will unlock a new wave of creative genius that emerges around Los Angeles, and eventually launches a new 'Golden Age of Renaissance Artistry' throughout the world.

When You Join
The Golden Domino™ Network
We Provide You With:

  • Gamified Accountability: If you become the average of the five people you surround yourself with, then what if you could fully rely on them––both personally and professionally––to keep you honest and support you long-term? Make inspiring new friends who will hold you to visionary standards of excellence; challenge you to stay consistent with your Health + Mental Hygiene practices; and make it fun and interesting to work on your life goals. Finally... a place where you can belong!

#squadgoals, check!!!

  • Structure + Discipline: It's hard enough to stay grounded when your life is fragmented throughout the city. Leverage a support system that will keep your mind focused on your top priorities throughout the week. Get—and STAY—organized around the time, energy, and money you allocate towards health, relationships, work, technology, and entertainment. And don't worry if you don't have the answer—the community is here to help you figure it out!

#manilafolders, check!!!

  • Hyperlocal Community: No more loneliness and self-isolation... break up with your three "best friends" (Postmates, Instagram, and Netflix) and hang with real ones! Mastermind with fellow innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs clustered in your neck of the woods (and cut out traffic... more traffic... and even more traffic... and wasted time, gas $$$, mental energy, and the all-too-subtle, nagging sense of FOMO)!!!

#hoodcrew, check!!!

  • Powerful Inspiration: Draw from transcendent stories of peers who are improving their lives and careers as a result of their commitment to maintaining Health + Mental Hygiene. Learn about members' shared experiences to gain enhanced clarity and confidence in making better, more-informed decisions... with less stress and analysis paralysis.

#braintrust, check!!!

  • Cross-Collaboration: Looking to build long-term partnerships with health-and-mental-hygiene-focused artists and disruptors? Easily find passionate members with complementary skillsets to get your projects off the ground quickly!

#dreamteam, check!!!

  • 1-on-1 + Group Coaching: When you come into the network we treat you as a superstar who hasn't given themselves permission to be one... yet. Consult with professional encouragers who will lovingly help you––with infinite patience––get out of your own way, navigate personal challenges, and THRIVE in the big leagues. 'Group huddle' with conscious creators who've already done what you're trying to do, who can teach you to hone your craft and help you get where they are... or further!!

#winning, check!!!

  • Exclusivity: We carefully vet each member to ensure the collective *always* benefits from their presence and contribution. We strive to keep the community squeaky-clean and free of persistent 'negative emotional bacteria.' Think of us like the Olympic Training Facility for your creative mind... elite performers welcome.

#superheroes, check!!!

  • Ad-Free Network: Every other social network is designed to distract you, but we're here to help you stay committed to pursuing your goals. Your data is NEVER sold to third parties for advertising, and the only content you'll see is mindfully curated to support your longevity as a thriving artist.

#inthezone, check!!!

What You'll Learn
From Being A Part Of
This Mastermind Network

Our goal is to help you discover the cause-effect relationships that currently dictate your quality of thought, and to inspire you to make small adjustments in your diet, routines, and environments that gradually shift your outlook from sluggish, contracted, and negative to energized, expanded, and positive.

You'll receive ongoing encouragement to stick with your daily practices so that with a clean mental state and a baseline of emotional stillness, you'll be able to judge how a single sip of alcohol or puff of marijuana changes your mood... or how eating that late-night fast food affects your performance in the studio the next day.

In this new, dilated mindset, you'll widen the bandwidth of possibilities you can perceive—helping you stay consistently in rhythm with your creative power, and as a result, gain confidence in your vision and ability to act on clear impulses of inspiration.


A Simple 5-Step Process
For Activating
Your Creative Genius

  1. Build Your Avatar: create the superhero identity of your dreams with clothing, accessories, and props that help you feel unstoppable
  2. Build Your Portal: outfit a space—whether it be your car, a room in your house, your bathroom, your garage, etc.—for you to fully express yourself unapologetically
  3. Health + Mental Hygiene: address your mental, physical, and emotional states in order to attract your inner muse that inspires you to be the best version of yourself
  4. Idea Sex: indulge in your inspiration to draw out your creative genius and yield transcendent ideas you can earn money from
  5. Accountability: cultivate this feedback loop with habit-tracking and a buddy system that keeps you focused and consistent

What You'll Be Doing Differently
As A Result Of Joining
The Community...

  • Owning your role as a self-starter, defining your goals, and taking more risks that lead to massive breakthroughs in your personal character, innovations in your artistry, and opportunities in your field

  • Stepping away from the crippling need for perfection—especially in the beginning stages of any new project—and enlisting your community to help in the development of your vision

  • Becoming more resourceful, initiating collaborative partnerships, and vetting important decisions by reaching out to trusted friends and like-minded peers in the network

  • Using storytelling as the marketing vehicle for your creativity, and managing the business—and your fanbase—as an extension of your art (instead of treating them like obstacles to avoid)

  • Gamifying your habits, routines, and practices and exploring tools for addressing your Health + Mental Hygiene with meditation, journaling, yoga, breathwork, cold showers, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and more

  • Cutting down on negative or excessive consumption with Netflix, junk food, social media, video games, drugs, alcohol, porn, masturbation, gratuitous sex, and other distractions... and making time to connect with romantic partners, family, friends, and accountability groups
  • Celebrating life and focusing on the positive by taking yourself less seriously, creating space for more laughter and playfulness, and expressing gratitude and appreciation for where you are, what you currently have, and how far you've come
  • Staying inspired to lean in on your passion for longer stretches of time because you’re now getting paid to work at it (while budgeting more money to invest in your craft)

Who Is Part Of
The Golden Domino

People who insist on shining through the masses unapologetically: the visionary, the artist, the risk taker, or the person who tries something new—and persists—because they can't help themselves but to innovate...

People who love the white space and making magic out of nothing... knowing how to generate exponential momentum and ramp themselves up into an elevated state of bliss—and bring society along with them through their creative outlets...

People who geometrically expand their awareness and think about life from a different perspective... transcending limited paradigms and insignificant details to create games where they always win... engineering their own habit loops and feedback systems that affirm their locus of control and position of influence...

People who've cultivated a mindset that is perpetually tinkering, reorganizing, and recreating itself... breaking through predictable patterns and juxtaposing mundane life in fresh and interesting ways... flipping through bizarre—and borderline crazy—lenses of perception to produce sparks of ecstatic clarity...

And people who can no longer afford to expose themselves—consciously and voluntarily—to downward-spiraling temptations or toxicity of any kind, because such influences affect their Health + Mental Hygiene, and thereby the quality of their lives...

Which Types Of Artists Exactly?

To be more specific: artists, makers, and creatives of all kinds, including musicians, DJs, dancers, painters, models, photographers, comedians, actors, directors, writers, animators, graphic designers... 

Even some who don't fall neatly into these categories, but are creative nonetheless, like teachers, healers, coaches, content creators, developers, scientists, and entrepreneurs...

These are also the people who will go to your shows, go to your art galleries, hype you up on social media... people who have your back... people who believe in your dreams and encourage you to pursue them.

What Members Are Able To Do In A Year They Can’t Do Today

  • Rely on a rich, dynamic, and powerful network of conscious peers for feedback, collaboration, referrals, introductions, and support

  • Trust in an accountability group of respected friends who inspire them to take risks and stay disciplined with their Health + Mental Hygiene

  • Establish an optimistic outlook on their progress that balances their self-talk and soothes personal and professional setbacks

  • Stick with their goals, as well as follow through on their word, because they're more self-reliant, committed, and consistent

  • Exhibit unwavering self-confidence—with the ability to take on more pressure and criticism—while standing up for what they believe in

  • Navigate social, familial, and professional interactions (and disagreements) with tactfulness, humility, and inner peace

  • Speak truth to power and call people out on their B.S., because they're more self-aware and appreciative of direct feedback from others

  • Command the attention of influential people in their industry and fearlessly ask for what they know they're worth

  • Be fully authentic, knowing their example is giving the world permission to be more vulnerable and have more wholesome fun
  • Extend loving encouragement to people who are pursuing their dreams and visions, and trying to make a career out of their passions
  • Earn money coaching other artists in the network so they become the best version of themselves and share their gifts with the world

What Have Members
Learned From Each Other?

Through social osmosis, members find that they can dramatically cut down on mistakes and accelerate their growth by listening to the stories and experiences of others.

The group collectively coaches and encourages each member, while holding everyone accountable and showing younger or less seasoned members how to be successful...

And as they ask for honest feedback, break away from the "lone wolf" mentality, and gravitate towards team chemistry and camaraderie—crowdsourcing solutions with help from the network—members make challenges fun instead of grueling, and achieve more with greater ease.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together."

- African Proverb

What Are Members
Doing Together?

  1. Weekly calls between collaboration partners and accountability groups

  2. Local meetups and events hosted by Node Leaders who facilitate in-home group coaching, artist showcasings, practice rehearsals, mastermind sessions, and creative workshops with other members in their neighborhood (or beyond!)

  3. Family dinners, lifestyle experiences, and weekly outings around the city (e.g. museums, concerts, films, dancing, yoga, hiking, camping, etc.)

  4. Sponsored event mixers and themed parties with member-generated entertainment

How Members Are Transformed And How They're Transforming Others...

  • Members shed their tendency to self-isolate and grow to be more generous and community-oriented as they cultivate diverse friendships

  • Members become confident in their ability to coach and challenge one another to pursue a unique path of creativity and personal development

  • Members share tips, tactics, and strategies for honing their craft, as well as innovative ways for marketing, selling, and maintaining a fanbase

  • Members get comfortable making “Stone Soup” by shopping around their vision and inviting peers to co-create it with them

  • Members manage expectations of themselves and others with clear communication and appropriate boundaries

  • Members take the pressure off themselves to be famous or successful by falling in love with the process of working and living

  • Members stabilize their mental health by developing conscious tools for coping with stress and opening themselves up to honest feedback

  • Members gain a more holistic perspective about life and learn to be humble and self-deprecating when losing sight of what's important

  • Members detach from circumstances outside of their control and build the muscle of staying present (and happy) with life as it is in the moment

  • Members inspire each other to laugh, be silly, dance, play, have fun, and encourage one another to shape the lifestyle of their dreams

A Year In The Life
Of A Member

Below are the 12 SPOKES we'll work through to ensure you're fully equipped to succeed as an artist...

Our highest priority is making sure your involvement in The Golden Domino Network strengthens your well-being and creative output, where each month, as a community, building from one theme to the next (and back around again), we collectively install a new spoke into your life wheel—with Health + Mental Hygiene at the center...

SPOKE—1: Life Visioning, Goal Setting, Mind Mapping

  • On SPOKE—1 we prompt you to think through what your ideal life looks like, the impact you'll have on the world, the milestones you want to celebrate, and the steps to take to make your vision real.
  • Examples:
    • Get signed by a record label, go on tour, win an award
    • Donate to a cause you're aligned with
    • Launch a cultural movement that inspires a generation
  • NOT To Do List:
    • Ask for permission to dream
    • Think in practical, realistic terms that don't inspire you
    • Allow negative feedback to deter you from your goals

SPOKE—2: Flow Triggers

  • On SPOKE—2 we highlight conscious methods to bring your attention to the present moment and get you working "in the zone"—helping you uncover tools, habits, and strategies for inspired focus and productivity.
  • Examples:
    • Micro-meditations at the start of a creative session
    • Use other artists' work to prime your inspiration
    • Embrace risk-taking and play
  • NOT To Do List:
    • Get overly analytical
    • Allow your traumas or fears to fuel your work
    • Let potential audience reactions influence your process

SPOKE—3: Aggregation of Marginal Gains

  • On SPOKE—3 we lay the foundation for your longevity as an artist and invite you to think of the 1% improvements you can make in your daily routine to positively affect your personal and professional life.
  • Examples:
    • Diet, sleep, exercise, discarding toxic substances
    • Daily practice of your craft
    • Regular networking and research
  • NOT To Do List:
    • Set impossible standards and get stressed about where you are
    • Dwell on the obstacles that challenge your constancy

    • Stay close-minded to methods you've never tried

SPOKE—4: Gamified Accountability Systems

  • On SPOKE—4 we provide you with a buddy system to help you master resistance; using dopamine-inducing habit checklists that compel you to maintain structure, discipline, and consistency.
  • Examples:
    • Get help setting up an effective daily workout and creative routine
    • Schedule regular check-ins with your buddy
    • Periodically recalibrate goals to your current capabilities
  • NOT To Do List:
    • Bite off more than you can chew
    • Rely on lazy friends for accountability
    • Give up when you don't meet your expectations

SPOKE—5: Psychology of the Artist

  • On SPOKE—5 we map the personality traits, belief systems, and emotional triggers that you might've grown up with as an artist, and how to balance them with healthy frameworks for initiating, navigating, and managing change.
  • Examples:
    • Fearlessly face behavioral patterns that hinder your growth
    • Identify detrimental thoughts and uproot them
    • Practice habits that stabilize your mind
  • NOT To Do List:
    • Become impatient with the process 
    • Berate yourself or hold grudges against your creative genius
    • Believe you're an impostor of any kind

SPOKE—6: Uncovering Your Origin Story

  • On SPOKE—6 we connect the dots to see how every experience in your life has brought you to where you are now, set you up for the vision you're moving towards, and prepared you to fully express yourself as a thriving, successful artist.
  • Examples:
    • Reflect on your mentors and the lessons they taught you
    • Fuel your determination by recalling those who doubted you 
    • Reframe vulnerabilities into hallmarks of your personal brand
  • NOT To Do List:
    • Assume any part of your life has gone to waste
    • Allow guilt, shame, and victimhood to define you
    • Box yourself into cultural narratives that don't feel authentic to you

SPOKE—7: Building Your Self-Worth

  • On SPOKE—7 we strive to find pathways to generate motivation and a positive self-image, supporting your progress and vitalizing strengths through your environment.
  • Examples:
    • Fill your workspace with affirmations and uplifting imagery
    • Spend time with other creatives that enhance your development
    • Come up with ideas that spark innovation
  • NOT To Do List:
    • De-prioritize feeling happy, healthy, and strong
    • Overlook the tools that helped you get to where you are now
    • Compare yourself to others

SPOKE—8: Harnessing Your Creative Genius

  • On SPOKE—8 you implement what you've learned thus far to build a portfolio that you can market to prospective collaborators, fans, and patrons.

  • Examples:

    • Create an alter-ego based on your origin story

    • Lock yourself in your creative space for an extended period of time

    • Compile and organize your work into a presentable format

  • NOT To Do List:

    • Use the words “artist block”

    • Stop working

    • Allow the pressure to "present" yourself to overwhelm you

SPOKE—9: Coaching and the Art of Encouragement

  • On SPOKE—9 we invite you to ask questions, share stories, and elicit feedback with other members to inspire evolution in the areas that are most important to you.
  • Examples:
    • Use a personal anecdote to respond to a peer's challenge
    • Identify the "unstable" areas of your work and seek mentoring
    • Celebrate the successes of your fellow artists (and yourself)
  • NOT To Do List:
    • Give advice
    • Take things personally
    • Stay attached to your work as it is

SPOKE—10: Networking + Building Teams + Collaborating + Mentoring

  • On SPOKE—10 you cultivate and manage meaningful relationships through personable networking strategies to find collaborators and opportunities to work with major players in your field.

  • Examples:

    • Build connections with influencers who speak to your niche audience

    • Meet other creatives and industry leaders at professional events

    • Offer your time in exchange for experience and introductions 

  • NOT To Do List:

    • Force relationships out of fear, lack, impatience, or aggression

    • Seek for people to understand you before you've understood them

    • Undersell yourself

SPOKE—11: Attracting Fans and Patrons

  • On SPOKE—11 we discover who your ideal fan is based on personality traits, backgrounds, and interests; structure your brand to connect with this avatar's dreams and aspirations; and market yourself to reach them through channels they're already using.

  • Examples:

    • Create a few different fan profile avatars

    • Research media outlets that your audience is consuming

    • Reach your fans using the selling points of the content they follow

  • NOT To Do List:

    • Overextend yourself on too many platforms at once
    • Shoot for high numbers and broad demographics
    • Act needy for people to like you

SPOKE—12: Getting Paid to Be YOU

  • On SPOKE—12 you step outside your comfort zone and raise the bar on your money mindset; cultivate self-confidence to ask for what you're worth; enroll fans and patrons into your vision; and get paid handsomely for the value you create.

  • Examples

    • Set short-, mid-, and long-term financial goals

    • Build your own creative event / feature yourself in someone else's

    • Appeal to your loyal fans through content they're happy to pay for

  • NOT To Do List:

    • Judge your worth in terms of "time invested" vs "value created"

    • Stop believing in yourself when money comes into the picture

    • Charge your patrons / fans unreasonably

Top 3 Results From Your
First Year Of Membership

  1. Feeling of safety and belonging amongst healthy, like-minded friends with a renewed connection to your inspiration for a career path as an artist

  2. Legitimate body of work to market and share with prospective buyers

  3. Self-confidence to ask for what you’re worth and actually receive it

Who The Network IS For

The Golden Domino Network is designed to serve the artist who seeks transcendent creativity by cultivating a monk-like devotion to their Health + Mental Hygiene, as well as the daily practice of their craft...

  • Someone who is willing to trade in their average performance standards for world-class ideas, tools, and connections that will predictably upgrade their lives for the better
  • Someone who is ready to streamline their energy and how they spend their time so they get more leverage and positive results with less effort
  • Someone who understands that the 9-5 mentality is a trap that keeps people stuck—forever looking for permission to break free and try something new
  • Someone who is ready to be their full, authentic self—unapologetically—and serve as a permission slip for the rest of the world to take itself less seriously and have more fun, laugh, dance, play, be silly, crazy, and be more of themselves

  • Someone who is ready to become the best version of themselves and is willing to take massive action because they have nothing left to lose

  • Someone who accepts the fact that they're getting in their own way and slowing down the process of receiving everything they want

Who The Network Is NOT For

  • Someone who is close-minded, unwilling to push themselves out of their comfort zone, and stubbornly convinced that they know everything and don't need help or feedback

  • Someone who takes themselves way too seriously and refuses to have fun, laugh, dance, play, and joke around

  • Someone who is unwilling to embrace their own brand of CRAZY and lean into their identity as an artist with unique attributes, experiences, and skillsets

  • Someone who refuses to believe in themselves or believe that it’s possible for life to be easy and fun

How To Join

The Golden Domino Network is only available to those who have already been invited by an existing member. In addition, they must complete an application for review, where we will also ask the referring member to speak with us directly about why they believe you're a good fit.

Please understand, we do this because we want each member to take full responsibility for how they affect the network, and make sure they're 100% confident in the referrals they endorse.

Once you've been accepted, we'll ask you to complete payment for your choice of either monthly or yearly membership dues.

Applicants who are not accepted may reapply every three months.

To get started, please click "Request to Join."


Once you've been accepted, The Golden Domino Network offers two tracks of payment:

  1. Monthly Membership: $49.99
  2. Yearly Membership: $499.99 (with 2 months FREE included)

Please be aware, these rates will increase over time because we believe that if the network is increasing the net worth of its members, then the members will be expected to reinvest a portion of this growth back into the source from which they could generate the income. Members do not have lifetime membership

100% Money Back Guarantee

If within the first 30 days of membership you aren't completely satisfied with your investment, we will gladly reimburse you the full amount... no questions asked.

Your investment is Risk-FREE, so if you're on the fence, there's no reason to wait  to gain access to the most dynamic artist network of its kind.

Apply by clicking "Request to Join"

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